[Interior Photography] Natural Nursery

When people ask “So Ashley, what do you do?” I always have the hardest time explaining.  I’m an Interior Designer.  I’m a Photographer.  I work with and for a lot of people.  Often times after stuttering through my spiel of “Well, I am an interior designer at Lucy and Company, but I am also a wedding photographer and freelance for Creative Loafing…” I myself wind up overwhelmed and confused.  I find myself questioning  “Am I an interior designer first and a photographer second or vice versa?”.  Sometimes the lines are blurred, but all of the time, I love doing both, so in that, it is decided. I am not one, but all.

I am a Creative.

However, categorizing myself under such a broad term usually requires more of an explanation, so for this post, I will just be the Photographer.

Recently Interior Designer and my boss, Beth Keim, owner of Lucy and Company, had the awesome pleasure of working with Shauna Robinson, former Nascar driver and now creator of Happy Chair (please oh please click that link and try not to pull out scrap fabrics and a sewing machine and go to town…I dare you). Together they designed a sophisticated girl’s nursery for a very well known (and fast!) Nascar driver.  The room was converted from a workout room to a natural and cozy haven for baby (that happened to house a sauna & overlook the indoor pool.  Saweeeeetttt). Beth heightened the ceilings and softened the room with cornices upholstered in Kravet’s fabric velvet gate paired with linen roman shades.  A low-pile wool rug mixed with overlapping Flokati style throws added a plush texture to the  wood paneled adobe.  A glider for Mom, a chair for Dad and a mini rocker for the Newbie (designed and upholstered by Shauna) formed a functional seating area.  Keith,  who is an incredibly talented artist (and happens to be Beth’s husband) stretched, designed, and painted the custom artwork above the crib showcasing a silhouette of one of the family’s many rescue pups.  To top it all off, the piece that is quickly becoming Lucy and Company’s “signature”, the custom bird & branch mobile, hung low above the distressed crib, a crafty & fun touch.

Alright, so I guess after that long winded description, there is no denying it.  I am always a photographer AND a designer.  In my life there is no way for me to be just one.  😉  I am so blessed to be able to have a job that allows me put both my passion for  photography details and my obsession for using the latest trends in client’s homes together.

ashley barnett - Ah LOVE! I will take the grown-up version please! That little glider chair is the cutest thing. And those hanging latern thingys (yes, I am very technical) are gorgeous. I love the whole vibe of the room…and you captured it perfectly!

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Alexandra Mini - Hi… your pictures are great… i was wondering if you knew the name of that chandelier that is hanging in the natural nursery…thanks

Goodwin Girls - Hey Alexandra! How are ya?!?!
It’s actually by a company called Roost, which is to the trade only (meaning only Designers with accounts can order from them) but there are lots of companies that have similar items. It is made from capiz, so maybe try searching for that?

[Married] Elizabeth & Goran | Manassas Virginia Wedding Photographer

We get nervous before weddings-especially when we haven’t met the bride until the day of the wedding! AHHHH! We knew Elizabeth was a sweetheart from her emails but normally we have a consultation, bridal or engagement sessions before the big day. It helps us get to know the couple and gets them used to the camera. But when she said “hang on…can I order 2 double cheeseburgers” during our phone call we knew she was going to be our kind of girl-not many brides eat at all on their wedding day, much less burgers! Elizabeth & Goran were pros and the camera loved them so it was a breeze.

After a traditional ceremony at All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, we headed to Piedmont Country Club where the couple did their first dance to the untraditional reggae tune “Hold Ya” by Gyptian. We loved it! They have a very strong Croatian heritage so there was traditional music & dances. Elizabeth had been practicing Croatian and prepared a speech as she wanted to honor his culture by saying thank you in Croatian to him and his family who had traveled so far to make it to their wedding. Elizabeth’s father made the incredible wedding cake-a traditional fondant cake, with luscious layers of toasted almonds, almond flour, almond cherry liquor, cherry preserves, pastry cream and whipped cream.

Ashley & I showed up dressed like the wedding party in black & hot pink. Total accident, but it was a perfect match! Elizabeth & “Gogo” we wish you the very best!

Gown-Demetrios                            Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal         Flowers- They made the bouquets themselves!

Videographer- Elmo Laing        Hair- Bride’s Mother                                      Cake- Bride’s Father

Christine Romero - I think you guys did a great job photographing everything! i mean what an artistic eye you both have. Elizabeth is one of my best friends and I love her so much! im glad she picked such wonderful photographers to capture the memories of her beautiful wedding!

[Married]: Anna & Damien | Sandbridge Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Lots of sunshine. Cool breeze. Waves crashing on the warm soft sand in front of a luxurious beach house. Childhood friends, new friends & family mingling during cocktail hour.  I had the honor to photograph the wedding day of a childhood friend Anna and her husband Damien – giving me the chance to see people I haven’t seen in years! And a weekend at the beach?! SCORE! Anna & Damien elegantly planned an intimate beach ceremony in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach.  The evening ceremony was perfectly planned with a “first look”, cocktail hour for guests, the  ceremony overlooking the sunset and crashing waves and a rockin’ reception that spread out thru the beach house, patio, pool and sand.  The details reflected the elegant calm beach theme, with hues of navy blue, white and gray accented by pops of tropical color (look at those incredible bouquets!).  The buffet style dinner & cocktail bar were fully stocked and attended. Oh how I love a candy bar! The focus of this day was most definitely the joining of families, celebrating with lifelong friends and true love. Thanks to Lauren Modny for being my 2nd shooter (Ashley had a prior commitment in NY) and Tina for being my beach buddy! Anna & Damien, you make a beautiful couple and I am so grateful to have been able to share the first day of the rest of your lives!

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