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“You guys look a lot a like.  Are you sister’s or something?”

In unison, “Yep”.


“Nope!  But thank you!” Again, in unison.  Weeeeiiiirddddd.

She was born five years ahead of me.  I always snuck into her cassette tape collection.  I owned a shop.  She hand- crafted jewelry.  She was the more polished, seemingly more reserved one.  I talked the ear off of anyone who was listening. Several months ago she called.  “Hey, I’m doing a wedding consultation today, you wanna come along?  Maybe shoot it with me?” In our first joint consultation, my sister and I unveiled we were the perfect compliments of each other.  She had the bride’s day laid out exquisitely, asking all of the right questions, while I was surprisingly quiet, head reeling with ideas.  It was in that meeting, sitting back and watching my sister share genius creative concepts and taking the time to educate her bride in a style that mirrored my own, that I light bulbed.  We should work together, not just this time, but always. What a thought! (I’ve always been the smart one 😉 ) For two sisters who, in my eyes, had seemed so different for years, we had so much style and creativity in common than even our mother couldn’t have predicted the similarities!

And after our first wedding was on the memory cards, it was apparent.

She went left at the event as I merged to right.  She wrangled up the groomsmen for their photo-opts as I caught moments of the bride. In intense, fleeting seconds of once in a lifetime wedding day emotions, she and I were on top of it.  We had somehow naturally created an unspoken strategy and we never missed a thing.  Through a simple glance across the seated guests, she new I was aiming my lens in anticipation of the groom’s expression when first laying eyes on his new bride. With a nod  I knew she would turn back to witness the Father’s loving embrace. I’m sure to the wedding planner we looked like mimes.  We hadn’t practiced this.  This wasn’t apart of the “plan” (if there even really was one, truth be told). Our non-verbal communication was something that could only be derived from sister’s sending out crazy cosmic brain waves to each other.

And after the wedding, we compared.

Our shots were rarely duplicated, each storytelling shot flowing into the next with perfection, almost as though one of us had taken them all (one really, really good us!).  We hadn’t skipped a thing.

Through our joint talents and and eerily similar styles, our business has organically sprung.  So you are now looking at our new home, the Goodwin Girls blog (named through several emails from the bride who started it all, thanks Erin!).  Here we will be posting weddings shot together as well as sessions we do individually, so check back often!  We are pleased to have made it to your internet browser and hope that we make a home for ourselves in your “favorites” list.  And if we get the pleasure to photograph you one day, don’t be surprised if we show up matching each other…or worse…the bridal party…because honestly, they have both happened.


Ashley & Sarah

Ashley Barnett - This makes me so happy! I love it 🙂 You are bookmarked and I can’t wait to see all the stuff you guys will be posting. Congrats!!

Mom - How ironic that “the perfect pair” has partnered to capture the most important day of a couple’s life as “the perfect pair”.

Becca - I like it. I love it. I want some more of it!

Emilee White - I am officially becoming a stalker! I’m so excited to see everything ya’ll do! 🙂 xo