Ashley + Bryan | Kildee Farm Culpeper VA Wedding

Ashley + Bryan’s rustic wedding celebration was nothing short of tons of fun and super cute details! Taking place at Kildee Farm in Culpeper, VA, their wedding ceremony took place just as the most beautiful light broke thru the clouds giving way to a magnificent sunset across the rolling hills. The ceremony site was one of the most unique and fun that I have ever seen (vintage trucks, church doors draped in fabric – oh my!) with the barn reception decked out in rustic, classic farm fashion. From the mix match bridesmaid dresses, cowboy boots, personalized wedding band, signature drinks and instagram hastag – every detail perfectly fit Ashley + Bryan’s style!

Big thanks to my 2nd shooter Tyler Corvin! A few of his shots from the day are mixed in.

kildeefarmphotographer_0014 kildeefarmphotographer_0012 kildeefarmphotographer_0018 kildeefarmphotographer_0021 kildeefarmphotographer_0019 kildeefarmphotographer_0027 kildeefarmphotographer_0026 kildeefarmphotographer_0024 kildeefarmphotographer_0023 kildeefarmphotographer_0028 kildeefarmphotographer_0029 kildeefarmphotographer_0007 kildeefarmphotographer_0009 kildeefarmphotographer_0005 kildeefarmphotographer_0006 kildeefarmphotographer_0037 kildeefarmphotographer_0038 kildeefarmphotographer_0043 kildeefarmphotographer_0040 kildeefarmphotographer_0041 kildeefarmphotographer_0042 kildeefarmphotographer_0039 kildeefarmphotographer_0044 kildeefarmphotographer_0052 kildeefarmphotographer_0045 kildeefarmphotographer_0046 kildeefarmphotographer_0048 kildeefarmphotographer_0047 kildeefarmphotographer_0051 kildeefarmphotographer_0049 kildeefarmphotographer_0050 kildeefarmphotographer_0056 kildeefarmphotographer_0030 kildeefarmphotographer_0035 kildeefarmphotographer_0031 kildeefarmphotographer_0032 kildeefarmphotographer_0057 kildeefarmphotographer_0013 kildeefarmphotographer_0011 kildeefarmphotographer_0053 kildeefarmphotographer_0001 kildeefarmphotographer_0002 kildeefarmphotographer_0017 kildeefarmphotographer_0004 kildeefarmphotographer_0016 kildeefarmphotographer_0003 kildeefarmphotographer_0015 kildeefarmphotographer_0058 kildeefarmphotographer_0010 kildeefarmphotographer_0054 kildeefarmphotographer_0055

Tori Watson - what a cute day! i love kildee farm, and you did such a great job with this! also, mikey & samantha & cohen are the cutest. 🙂

Brittani + Aaron | On Sunny Slope Farm Harrisonburg VA Wedding

Brittani & Aaron were married with a stunningly scenic view of the Harrisonburg valley on a new up-and-coming wedding venue, On Sunny Slope Farm. Their dog, Paisley may have stolen the show a few times – like when she proudly stood next to them during their vows and ring exchange.  But nothing beats how gorgeous Brittani looked as a glowing bride! And that dress?! Reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Every detail of the day reflected their fun loving spirit and desire to truly celebrate with their nearest and dearest. Aaron’s Dad gave one of the wittiest speeches I have ever heard, and Brittani’s sister gave one of the most emotional. I was so honored to be apart of the celebration, and from the venue to the caterer to the coordinator, to the family and friends – each and every one was delight! (Even if they are WV fans…)

Enjoy a few faves from the day – Congrats Brittani & Aaron (and Paisley too!)

sunnslopefarm_0009 sunnslopefarm_0003 sunnslopefarm_0004 sunnslopefarm_0001 sunnslopefarm_0006 sunnslopefarm_0007 sunnslopefarm_0008 sunnslopefarm_0010 sunnslopefarm_0011 sunnslopefarm_0012 sunnslopefarm_0015 sunnslopefarm_0016 sunnslopefarm_0018 sunnslopefarm_0019 sunnslopefarm_0021 sunnslopefarm_0020 sunnslopefarm_0023 sunnslopefarm_0022 sunnslopefarm_0024 sunnslopefarm_0025 sunnslopefarm_0005 sunnslopefarm_0027 sunnslopefarm_0028 sunnslopefarm_0029 sunnslopefarm_0030 sunnslopefarm_0031 sunnslopefarm_0032 sunnslopefarm_0033 sunnslopefarm_0034 sunnslopefarm_0035 sunnslopefarm_0036 sunnslopefarm_0037 sunnslopefarm_0038 sunnslopefarm_0039 sunnslopefarm_0040 sunnslopefarm_0042 sunnslopefarm_0043 sunnslopefarm_0044 sunnslopefarm_0045 sunnslopefarm_0046 sunnslopefarm_0048 sunnslopefarm_0049 sunnslopefarm_0051 sunnslopefarm_0052 sunnslopefarm_0053 sunnslopefarm_0054 sunnslopefarm_0055 sunnslopefarm_0056 sunnslopefarm_0058 sunnslopefarm_0059 sunnslopefarm_0060 sunnslopefarm_0061 sunnslopefarm_0063 sunnslopefarm_0064 sunnslopefarm_0065 sunnslopefarm_0066 sunnslopefarm_0026 sunnslopefarm_0067 sunnslopefarm_0068 sunnslopefarm_0087 sunnslopefarm_0088 sunnslopefarm_0069 sunnslopefarm_0070 sunnslopefarm_0071 sunnslopefarm_0072 sunnslopefarm_0073 sunnslopefarm_0074 sunnslopefarm_0075 sunnslopefarm_0076 sunnslopefarm_0077 sunnslopefarm_0078 sunnslopefarm_0079 sunnslopefarm_0080 sunnslopefarm_0081 sunnslopefarm_0082 sunnslopefarm_0090 sunnslopefarm_0091 sunnslopefarm_0092 sunnslopefarm_0093 sunnslopefarm_0094 sunnslopefarm_0095 sunnslopefarm_0002 sunnslopefarm_0083 sunnslopefarm_0085 sunnslopefarm_0086 sunnslopefarm_0089 sunnslopefarm_0096 sunnslopefarm_0099 sunnslopefarm_0100











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Venue: On Sunny Slope Farm

Coordinator/Planner: Barb Wheatley

Invitation Suite: Tiger Lily (etsy)

Wedding Gown Designer: Vincent Harper Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses Designer: Donna Morgan

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Music: ceremony/reception – Geoffrey “Jeff” Stevens (DJ), cocktail hour – Mike Davis

Cake: Cakes by Cathy

Flowers: Flowers By Rose

Catering: Early Katering

Rental Company: groomsmen – Classic Tuxedos

Old World Vintage Travel Inspired Wedding Shoot people. To say that I am excited to share this Old World Vintage Travel Inspired Wedding shoot with you is a total understatement. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep something under wraps for weeks? I’m a pretty patient gal, but this just about killed me. I was so fortunate to team up with some of the absolute best gals around to bring this vision to life and I could not be more excited for all of them to have their gorgeous talents and super hard work published on 100 layer cake today, as well as Burnetts Boards! And I just got word that one of the images will be in an e-mag coming out this summer! You truly rocked it out ladies! If you don’t know these talents yet, I suggest you check them out immediately. I could go on and on about each and every one of them and I just cannot wait to work with them again!

The theme for this inspiration shoot arose out of a love for travel – specifically the luxurious, glamorous jet-setting lifestyle of world travelers of days past.Inspired by the geographical, natural and architectural European destinations such as Paris, the French Riviera, Tuscany & Vicenza in Italy. We incorporated maps, luggage, globes, binoculars, and cameras along with our favorite french desserts. Modern elements are mixed in with retro glam and utterly classic style. There are also a few very subtle references in the invitation suite to our favorite really ‘Old World’ (and fantasy) TV show – Game of Thrones (recognize the names on the invitation?)! I love it when you can hid funny hidden gems like that in the design.

Also, on a side note – Stone Tower Winery was stunning and I really wish we could have been able to show off their gorgeous backdrop better. However, nature had other plans as it was so terribly windy that day – as in “Wizard of Oz tornado” windy, which does not work well for hair or veils. So unfortunately we had to stick inside the loft area, but it all worked out!

Haley brilliantly took my vision and random ideas, weaved them together and found the perfect talents to breathe life into them. She’s a mind reader that Haley. Plus, besides her amazing planning skills, her floral work is simply stunning and a breath of fresh air. Her take on the shoot: “Sarah and I threw around quite a few ideas before finally landing on “Old World Travel” and I’m so glad that’s where we ended up. Once we had our inspiration, everything else came together seamlessly. All of our vendors grasped our ideas firmly by the horns and turned them into something beautiful. I was giddy with excitement when I received the invitation suite from Little Bit Heart. They did such a beautiful job and incorporated maps and travel in such creative ways. Sweets by E made such perfect little treats that went so well with our colors. Evan was kind enough to let us taste everything and it was all delicious. She is a truly talented lady. And she makes a pretty great model too! Terra from Jordan K Winn worked magic in turning our models into Old World beauties. They both looked so natural and their style fit in perfectly with our theme. I loved finding flowers that had a vintage feel to them. I knew I wanted light pinks and creams, but couldn’t resist the dusty purple roses when I saw them. They were too perfect to pass up. While I love the look of an arrangement overflowing with greenery and blooms, there is something to be said for a centerpiece bursting with blooms. Roses make everything feel more romantic and an arrangement with too many flowers to count seems so elegant to me. ”

The amazing creative team:
Haley Tobias Events – florals & coordination

Little Bit Heart – invitations/stationary

Jordan Winn & Co. – hair and makeup

Amy’s Bridal Boutique – wedding gown & veil

Rent The Runway – Badgley Mischka sequin gown

Sweets by E – cake, macarons, cupcakes

Ginger and Spice – vintage rentals (suitcases, cameras, binoculars, place settings)

Silk & Willow – hand dyed silk ribbon

Stone Tower Winery – venue

Models: Evan Sanderson (of Sweets by E!) and Amanda Schmitt

Featured on 100 Layer Cake & Burnetts Boards

old world travel_0001 old world travel_0002 old world travel_0003 old world travel_0004 old world travel_0005 old world travel_0006 old world travel_0007 old world travel_0008 old world travel_0009 old world travel_0010 old world travel_0011 old world travel_0012 old world travel_0013 old world travel_0014 old world travel_0015 old world travel_0016 old world travel_0017 old world travel_0018 old world travel_0019 old world travel_0020 old world travel_0021 old world travel_0022 old world travel_0023 old world travel_0024 old world travel_0025 old world travel_0026 old world travel_0027 old world travel_0028 old world travel_0029 old world travel_0030 old world travel_0031 old world travel_0032 old world travel_0033 old world travel_0034 old world travel_0035 old world travel_0036 old world travel_0037 old world travel_0038 old world travel_0039 old world travel_0040 old world travel_0041 old world travel_0042 old world travel_0043 old world travel_0044 old world travel_0045 old world travel_0046 old world travel_0047





Haley - Eeeeek! This shoot was so incredibly fun to plan with you and turned out absolutely perfect (despite the Wizard of Oz tornado)! I had such a wonderful time!

Lindsay + Wes | A Mount Ida Farm Wedding

To say I have been eagerly anticipating this wedding is an understatement. Every since their engagement session, I could not wait to see their vision come together and to celebrate with Lindsay and Wes. Not to mention their amazing family and friends, many who I knew, so it was such a joy to share in the celebration and to see just how much they are loved and supported. Mount Ida Farm is one of my most favorite new venues with the most scenic vistas around (and within minutes from my house!), but even better than that,  it holds a very sentimental place in their relationship. It’s where Wes worked when the two met, therefore spending much time on the farm exploring, getting to know each other and falling in love. Oh, and when the cows saw Wes, their old buddy was back and all dressed up, they flocked to see what was going on 🙂 The comfort between them reflects a strong quiet steadfast love. They compliment each other so well and I know their marriage will be just as beautiful as their wedding day!

2014-05-20_0043 2014-05-20_0037 2014-05-20_0039 2014-05-20_0040 2014-05-20_0038 2014-05-20_0046 2014-05-20_0042 2014-05-20_0041 2014-05-20_0007 2014-05-20_0044 2014-05-20_0045 2014-05-20_0013 2014-05-20_0030 2014-05-20_0028 2014-05-20_0036 2014-05-20_0023 2014-05-20_0021 2014-05-20_0034 2014-05-20_0033 2014-05-20_0032 2014-05-20_0031 2014-05-20_0020 2014-05-20_0029 2014-05-20_0027 2014-05-20_0026 2014-05-20_0025 2014-05-20_0024 2014-05-20_0006 2014-05-20_0022 2014-05-20_0005 2014-05-20_0019 2014-05-20_0017 2014-05-20_0050 2014-05-20_0015 2014-05-20_0049 2014-05-20_0014 2014-05-20_0016 2014-05-20_0012 2014-05-20_0011 2014-05-20_0010 2014-05-20_0047 2014-05-20_0018 2014-05-20_0001 2014-05-20_0008 2014-05-20_0009 2014-05-20_0002 2014-05-20_0004 2014-05-20_0003



The Creative Team

Venue: Mount Ida Farm

2nd shooter: Kacie Lynch

Bridesmaid Dresses Designer: JCrew

Music: Sound Enforcement (TD Layman)

Videographer: Shaina Koren Cinematography

Cake: Kristi Rosalina

Flowers: Ronnie Palmore

Catering: Fishin’ Pig

Lindsay - Love! Thank you 🙂

Katie Blackburn - Beautiful!!

Shaina Koren - SARAH! These are stunning! Cannot wait to add the video to these beautiful memories for Lindsay & Wes!

akexandra - Stunning photos!!

Joanie - These pictures are awesome! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!

Lauren Swann - This is absolutely gorgeous Sarah!!! LOVE all those details!!!

Barbara T. Wood - Prettiest wedding I have ever seen (except Earl’s & Mine lol). Gorgeous pictures, dresses, decorations and scenery. Good job Sarah and best wishes to Lindsay and Wes! Joan you made it thru and did a splendid job.

Stephanie Messick - These are gorgeous! 🙂

Charlottesville Wedding Cinematography: Lindsay + Wes at Mount Ida Farm - […] We had the amazing honor of working with the ever-so talented Sarah Goodwin Photography! Check out her photos of the day here! […]

Mary Catherine + Michael | A Luray Virginia Wedding

AHHHHH views like this of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the amazing light rays and sunsets are just one reason I adore shooting in Virginia. Shenandoah Woods in Luray, Virginia has one of the most stunning mountain top views and provided the perfect backdrop to Mary Catherine and Michael’s destination wedding. Guests came from afar and were able to stay in the amazing “cabins” on the property (I use the term cabins loosely because they are more like luxurious vacation homes). And how cute is their nickname MC2 that they carried throughout the reception details? And can we mention her ring? AMAZING. The custom made dress? STUNNING. The fireworks show surprise, fire pit & s’mores bar? ENTERTAINING. This couple really knows how to host a celebration and spoil their guests. This wedding day was also pretty awesome since I was able to co-shoot it with my dear friend and insanely talented photographer R.T. Armstrong. We team up on occasion for weddings and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate and a guaranteed great time. Enjoy a few of my faves from MC2.

luraywedding001 luraywedding002 luraywedding003 luraywedding004 luraywedding005 luraywedding006 luraywedding007 luraywedding008 luraywedding009 luraywedding010 luraywedding011 luraywedding012 luraywedding013 luraywedding014 luraywedding015 luraywedding016 luraywedding017 luraywedding018 luraywedding019 luraywedding020 luraywedding021 luraywedding022 luraywedding023 luraywedding024 luraywedding025 luraywedding026 luraywedding027 luraywedding028 luraywedding029 luraywedding030 luraywedding031 luraywedding032 luraywedding033 luraywedding034 luraywedding035 luraywedding036 luraywedding037 luraywedding038 luraywedding039 luraywedding040

Lauren Swann - Love her bouquet!! Looks like such a fun wedding!!

Becca - Oh-so-pretty and sweet. These images (and memories of the day) make me swoon. Beautiful work as always, Sarah. You’ve now lit a fire under me to finish my edits! You’re an awesome co-photog’ and friend. xo