30 days to the altar. Otherwise known as proverbial skydiving.

Last week my friend Amanda told me that thanks to my last blog post about DIY wedding details she decided to have a small wedding, with my help of course, instead of the justice of the peace she had been planning. Which apparently are not easy to find around here anyway. They already had the marriage license so the wedding needed to take place in 60 days…whew that’s a time crunch!  So based on her style, personality, the couple’s interests and what they wanted their wedding to represent, I got to work.  I started pulling ideas and thoughts and made a Pinterest inspiration board for her to review. The inspiration board includes every element of a wedding- table settings, florals, altar décor, favors, cakes, invites, guest book in a natural, earthy & organic style with a feminine touch. Rustic chic. And they are mostly DIY projects which makes it more personalized and budget friendly…and it’s right up my alley! She loved it all so we’ll have to narrow it down a bit & employ some additional help to make her dream wedding come true.

Then this week she told me the wedding had been moved up….by a month. That’s 30 days. That’s 30 DAYS. THAT’S 30 DAYS!!! Wowza. Dang. Adios mio. #@$!  I have helped numerous brides research inspiration, plan, organize & decorate weddings with all different styles & budgets. Not to mention the ones I have been involved in as a photographer, providing inspiration for ideas as well as working with numerous vendors. But I’ve never had such a small time frame. Good thing I love a good challenge & work well under pressure. And I like Amanda so darn much. We like to live on the edge & get the adrenaline flowing sometimes– we’re skydiving buddies and this is a little like it.

This real-life challenge has blog post written all over it. I wouldn’t recommend trying to plan and organize a 30 day wedding, so don’t try this at home folks! But we are going to make it happen with a small budget, big style filled with DIY projects, and showing show other brides that although it’s not the ideal time frame, it can be done and it can be fabulous! You don’t  have to sacrifice style for time or money.


Amanda - Love love it!!! And love you!! And i am soooo thankful to have you. 🙂

Ashley Goodwin - Holy smokes!!!!!!!!! I’m sure it’s going to be oh so beautiful! She will be thankful she had a wedding instead of a JOP. 30 DAYS! How do you get yourself into these things?!?! Hahaha.

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