At least someone around here is enjoying this crazy March weather.

“The arctic panther carefully chooses his prey, patiently observing, waiting until the right moment to pounce, completing the circle of life…” Okay, okay you got me. This is not National Geographic. That’s not the Arctic. No panther either (but sure thinks he is!). My little fuzzy wuzzy Samson isn’t allowed outdoors except when it snows (but only a few inches because any deeper and it’s like kitty quick sand). Falling snow absolutely fascinates him to the point where he will stare out of the window all day with his head bobbing in a zig zag as individual snowflakes make their way to the ground. He belts the strangest meow & bats his eyes, guilting me into letting him out to play, where he literally gallops thru it like he’s in the Sound of Music. I kid you not.

Last Monday parts of Virginia were digging their cars out from under up to 8 inches of snow. And today? Well it was in the high 70’s today, 80’s tomorrow. March comes “in like a lion & goes out like a lamb”.

Ashley Goodwin - Samson is so fun!!!! What a good kitty.
Snow always casts the prettiest color glow, too!

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