Big shiny things

Wedding day details, especially the brides jewelry and accessories, always get my heart fluttering. Usually the jewelry includes a special piece, perhaps passed down from generation to generation, something borrowed from a family member, something new from the Mr., a carefully selected accessory that she splurged on to accentuate the wedding gown and showcase her style, a handmade design, a stunning statement piece.  I personally like to accessorize everyday with bold, unique jewelry, as I believe that the bigger, bolder, shinier (is this even a word?), glittery, the better. What can I say, I am attracted to and easily distracted by shiny glittery things.

(50mm 1.4 with macro adapter +4)

Ashley Goodwin - I LOVE the DOF. LOVE!

ashley barnett - Ohhh gimme all of those!

Sarah - That macro adapter is the bomb!

Mom - being a lover of glitz myself….I’ll take the last necklace. It’s totally me.

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