Christmas 2012 Re-cap

I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas & holiday season. And now we are moving on into the New Year, which just seems so crazy fast. I took some R&R time off during the holidays to spend time with family & friends (and do some late shopping!) so now I am back into the swing of things and reviving the blog that went MIA. I made a conscious effort this holiday season to take some personal photographs of my family & friends, to document our holidays and the memories. Mainly with my iphone because it’s just super easy to just stick in my pocket & go. They don’t have to be technically correct or edited for me to love them, it’s whose in them that I cherish.

Just a peek into my Christmas via my iphone/instagram.….

Samson peeking into the box because 1) no box or bag can come into this house without his proper & thorough inspection, 2) I think he was hoping Auntie Ashley & Uncle Marshall had sent us back his fluffy BFF Leo.

Those creepy elves on the shelf are at it again. Yes, elves. We each have one, including Samson.They are always mischevious, making snowmen out of marshmallows, threw Kevin a birthday party complete with streamers everywhere, ate candy that was meant for gifts, read Harry Potter, tried to lasso & ride Samson like John Wayne… They got blamed for a few things that they may not have done…. And the one in the middle seriously freaks me out though, he reminds me of Dexter.


Lots of DIY projects that I plan to post soon. Some for gifts, some for my own home decor. I made my own festive garland inspired by Confetti Systems, for a fraction of the price. I channeled my inner old lady & did some embroidery, making it look modern & fresh. I painted a huge art canvas for my living room. Spray painted alot of things gold & mercury glass…

Socialized with some of my favorite girls at our Ugly Tacky Sweater party. I couldn’t find a real one, I think they are a popular item. So I DIY’d mine with some foam gingerbread men from a craft store. By this photo, I think I won this competition given most of the ladies were covering theirs up 🙂 I’m gonna start looking for next years sweater early!

Samson loved the tree so much there were ornaments & glitter rolling across the floor when I came home every day.. It allowed him to channel his inner jungle cat, as I caught him climbing in it a few times. I also got some of the cutest Christmas cards ever 🙂

Christmas church services are always so special and help us remember the true meaning of the season. My Aunt decided to put up both a tree and a cross this year as a daily reminder of what Christmas means. I want one! I think this is definitely a trend that is going to catch on.

I enjoy taking rides out thru the different neighborhoods to view the festive lights.


My sweet Mamalou celebrated her 94th Christmas. I am SO BLESSED to have been able to spend it with her. Last year at this time, she was recovering from major brain surgery and we were praying for another holiday with her and now we have had 2!!! After spending the holidays in the hospital last year, we really decided to get back to a simple Christmas and celebrate those we love instead of focusing on gifts.

My Mom bought Samson this little elf suit. Not a happy elf. He made the craziest noise, which I can only assume meant $!@%$.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas & 2013 is the best year ever!

Kelly M. - Looks like a great year! Here’s to 2013!

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