I <3 the 80's

I hope everyone found a leprechaun with a pot ‘o gold or at least ate a bowl of lucky charms (those marshmallows just melt in your mouth!) over the weekend. I spent St. Patty’s night at the Jefferson Theater for a surprise birthday party, green beer, the cutest crazy cupcakes you ever did see, all while rockin’ out to a sold out show of 80’s cover band the Legwarmers. People of all ages came out in their best 80’s gear – I’m talking 80’s rockstar costumes, neon, glow sticks, mesh, leotards, chucks, teased hair, la gear, sweatbands, wayfarers and of course legwarmers. Being born in the 80’s I have a special place in my heart for that era – the tunes are iconic! Does anyone remember the show on VH1 – “I <3 the 80’s” ? Well this makes me want to watch a marathon weekend of it dressed in a pair of neon leggings, legwarmers, big oversized one shoulder top, headband, glow necklace & finger-less gloves.

Mom - great pics! love the neon color and the spirit of the night! love, love, love

Ashley Goodwin - HOW FREAKIN’ FUN!
And would it be terrible if I said I would so own a few of those outfits those girls are wearing? LOVE the sequin dress (duh!) and the white ice skater type outfit! hahah

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