Thankful | Kinfolk, Family Traditions & Celebrating 94 years

The holidays are upon us, and for me it’s always a reminder of the importance of family traditions & gatherings. No matter where I wish I was the rest of the year, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than surrounded by family & friends during this season. I am thankful that I am in close proximity so I can enjoy the numerous get-togethers  & celebrations that have become family traditions. This year was bittersweet as it marked one year since I lost my Nannie, who I miss so very much. Even more so this time of year knowing her smile & hugs won’t be received, her slow southern draw won’t be heard, no Christmas cards signed “love Nannie”.

Also, this time last year my other grandmother, Mamalou underwent major brain surgery the day after her 93rd birthday. Today, she celebrates 94 years, marking the one year anniversary of that surgery. It’s been a long road of recovery, day by day, hour by hour. To think that last year on this very day, about 25 of us were cramped up in her tiny hospital room singing happy birthday & sharing cake with the night nurses. All hoping and praying that God lead the Doctor’s hands the following day. I was a complete basket case the day of the surgery, pleading with God to give us another Christmas with her.

This Thanksgiving we have so very much to be thankful for, most importantly the people we have by our side. We celebrated Mamalou’s 94th birthday and I made sure to capture these personal moments, freezing them in time so I can always look back and be thankful.

Happy Birthday sweet Mamalou! Cheers to 94 years & being the most incredible role model and family matriarch we could ever ask for. XOXO


Ashley Goodwin - Awww, I know! Made me sad to think about no Thanksgivings starting off at Nannie’s house. I found a cookbook she gave me in 2006 and it was signed “love” Nannie that I never noticed. And Mommalou, so happy she is doing great! She looked beautiful, but not wanting her picture taken as usual! Ha! And that birthday cake was the bomb!
And IS THAT BOB & KIM’S SON?!?! Man he has grown, and WOW, how freakin’ cute. And DAMMIT, I bought you that necklace for Christmas. Oh well, guess I will be keeping it. 😉

Loretta Seay - As usual you got some great shots. Really, it should be phrased, “You caught some wonderful memories”. Thank you so much sugar pie for getting these pics. The entire family will always appreciates it. And your comments about your Nannie, were so sweet. I wish we all still had your nannie. She was so easy to love. Love ya, sugar!!!

mom - …Beautiful one should be taken for granted.
love you…xxxxoooo

BrendaTatum - What a beautiful Lady and Family!!

Brenda Absher - Some beautiful family pictures and memories. We do have so much to be thankful for, especially when we close family and friends to love and enjoy. Funny thing how time has a way of turning us into the ones we once admired. I look at the little ones growing up and realize we are now the moms and dads that are molding and shaping our children, just like our moms and dads did us…..teaching us values and morals, and how to live, love and forgive each others’ shortcomings. We’re a little older, a little wiser, a little grayer and a little more forgetful, yet we remember what love really is and what it means to be blessed with such an awesome family. I’m thankful to be a part of it, even though we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like. I’m especially thankful for aunt Lucy. She is such a wonderful lady. Talk about love, she is the living example of it,the measuring stick we need to go by. And the memories of her in that big kitchen serving the best fried chicken EVER on the Sundays I’d beg to come home from church with my favorite cousins and play. She always had a smile and never seemed bothered that I was once again there….with that many kids, maybe she didn’t realize I wasn’t one of her own!!! LOL And that long hallway. It was cold, but oh so neat to run through and slide. We have all the comforts now, but are things all the better or were we just as happy then as now? Isn’t it funny how memories are that way?….they were the good old days, but I hope our kids will one day look back on their childhoods and say the same thing.

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