Meet Samson


I honestly never thought it would work out. When I received Samson as an unexpected & (at the time) unwanted surprise  I was a little ticked.  I was busy girl who stayed on the road, in & out, sometimes not knowing if I was coming on going. I could barely remember to take care of myself, much less another breathing creature. We never really had pets as kids since they usually fell victim to the main highway in front of our house or my Dad was allergic, so we just kinda gave up on trying to have a pet. Three years later, not much has changed except the fact that I fell madly, deeply in love with that little fuzzy bugger within days. So much so that I can’t imagine not having him around. He loves me unconditionally, runs to greet me at the door, anxious to get in my lap to keep me company during late night editing sessions. When the alarm goes off for the 3rd time, he’s usually right there to start rubbing on my face, playfully biting my chin so I don’t oversleep (or maybe he’s just annoyed at the buzzing). When I’m in the shower he literally knocks on the door because he is pawing so hard, trying to get in since he is always the curious kitty & doesn’t like to be behind closed doors.  He has an obsession with laser beams, plastic grocery bags & cardboard boxes. Sometimes he heads to bed & is already claimed his spot before I get there. I cried when he had a life-threatening UT blockage that required surgery last year & I haven’t batted an eye at buying prescription food since, whatever is best for my Sammy boo! I could so be an old cat lady. By the looks of it, I just might.

Kelly Scherer - You’re not alone! I was never a cat person until Oliver came around. Now, in the crazy zoo that Todd and I live in – HE’S the boss and we are all ok with it 🙂

Lourdes Marenco - same here! never a cat person before my lovely cats (yes, plural) Nahuel and Uma… I get you girl! 😉

Sarah - oh I love their names Lourdes! I want to add another one but I like to get all his attention & he likes mine 🙂 and I’m afraid it will open the flood gates & I’ll start “collecting” cats. ahaha

Sarah - Kelly, that’s exactly how it is here. It’s his world, we just live in it 🙂

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