Must-see TV

I’ve always enjoyed movies but never really been a t.v. kinda gal. Maybe it was because after the original 90210 & Melrose Place went off the air it was pointless? 🙂 (not a fan of the 2 remakes)

Anywho, it seems that t.v. shows have really upped their game lately & now in addition to my 2 must-see shows each week (Grey’s & Desperate Housewives-duh), I’m quite smitten with 5 new ones. That’s a pretty big level of commitment from a girl who only watched two shows regularly! Technically the last 2 aren’t “new” but they are newly discovered by me so it counts.



The Voice – NBC, Mondays/8pm. WOW, this one took me by surprise. Totally not an American Idol girl unless it’s watching the crazy auditions, I was skeptical last season so didn’t even bother to watch it until the last 2 or 3 weeks. The performances of the finalists blew me away so I watched this season’s premiere and have been hooked ever since. I even tweeted them. Yep, how pathetic. I can only explain it by saying Adam Levine & Blake Shelton in the same room? Hello.

Smash – NBC, Monday/10pm. I’m not a musical fan but this show is pretty captivating even just from the commercials leading up to the premiere. It has gotten me sucked into the world of Broadway auditions, productions and rooting for both contenders. It’s the definition of  a triple threat with it’s singing, dancing & acting.

Once Upon a Time – ABC, Sunday/8pm. This takes me back to my beloved childhood storybooks & revamps the fairytales that we once knew…or thought we knew, into modern day fairytales. Its the perfect mix of fantasy & magic without being cheesy.

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Sheldon Sheldon. Need I say more? Am I strange in that I wish I had a friend like Sheldon? I’m sure I could only take 10 minutes of him at a time, but still would be quite the experience with lots of stories. I <3 geeks that aren’t afraid to be geeks. I have been catching reruns on TBS & it has back to back episodes on Tue-Wed-Thursday.

30 Rock – NBC, Thursday/8pm. I discovered this flipping thru the channels a few weeks ago looking for something to pass the time while waiting for Grey’s to come on. Liz Lemon is so awesome. And I don’t care what people say about Alec Baldwin, that guy is freaking hilarious.

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