Pretty friends, Easter & Getting Punked.

Is it seriously April already? Whew lawd. Well I must say it kicked off to a good start this weekend…

I finally got my pretty friend Sam and her daughter Ally in front of my camera for a girls photo day. These ladies are just as gorgeous on the inside as they are out. Can’t wait to share those with you later this week.

Spending a quiet Easter Sunday with family & friends was such a blessing. Seeing my cousins Rachel & Overton join the church yesterday was incredible and taking a few photos of The Taylor’s all dressed up in their Sunday best (all dressed up a suit & tie! cue the Justin Timberlake). I haven’t had the chance to photograph them since their wedding over 4 years ago!

Getting punked. I love a good prank and boy did I get punked royally. First off, it happened yesterday instead of today so I wasn’t quite expecting it. It started with a strange out of state number on my phone around 11pm last night. I didn’t answer it because I thought it was a crazy telemarketer, but then I immediately received a text from the same number asking about my car for sale. In Spanish. Right then & there I knew something was up but before I could even think straight my phone started BLOWING UP with calls and texts. My voicemail was full within an hour. All in Spanish. And just for the record, no habla espanol. It was quite epic. So much in fact that I’m just going to forego pulling any pranks myself today because they would just pale in comparison and it will be very expected. Good one my friend. Good one. Now this means WAR…

The fake ad on Craigslist and a snippet of my response to the culprit… take note that the ad says that “I need something bigger for all my small children” and “no calls after 9pm”-I got the first call at 11pm.

Feel free to email me with your best prank ideas for a little payback 🙂

Happy April Fools everyone!

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