The Light That Shines

I watched this video by Sue Bryce yesterday entitled “The Light That Shines”. and balled my eyes out. I mean, big huge ugly cry with wailing and snot flying everywhere. I cried not only for the beautiful story of Jill which was so elegantly told, but for Sue’s heart, for the awareness it raises for cancer, self-confidence, and body image. I cried for the women are pressured by society’s vision, who let others words & perceptions define them, who feel like they are anything less than amazing. As of last night it was closing in on almost 50,000 views in 24 hours – what a powerful testament! You can read more about the documentary on Sue’s blog.

This inspiring story proves that life is 90 percent what happens to you and 10 percent how you react to it. Life happens. We are not in control of anything other than our reaction. Your circumstances and how people have treated you do not define you. Your scars, both physical & emotional, can be transformed into a thing of beauty – a beauty mark, with faith, time and a simple change of perception. Our scars become part of our stories. When trouble comes, always remember God is still there, He’s working, and He has a plan for you.

THIS is why I am a photographer. THIS is why I am a believer. THIS is why I want to show women everywhere how amazingly beautiful they really are.

The Light That Shines from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

mom - Wow…Button’s sent me an email today that made me cry…and I mean broken heart kind of cry about the torture that Jesus sustained for ME…and YOU…and those that we love and those that we do not love so much but should….and now this….do I have any tears left??????

I am MOST proud that you understand God’s love and share with others.

Keep sharing and giving of yourself. You are amazing.

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