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Behind the Lens

An avid adventurer who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I wander.

hello, friend!

I'm sarah

I believe that personality and impeccable style can be multi-faceted - sophisticated, refined, classic, AND modern, vibrant, adventurous. Who says you have to choose just one?! I am inspired by neutrals and vivid colors, a well-worn leather jacket and a cocktail dress, equally. Personal style is as unique as your love story, so there are no rules to a wedding day other than to enjoy and celebrate. The beginning of your marriage one of the most significant moments, so my goal is preserving it for generations, in the most genuine, intentional, and authentic style that is all your own.

Endlessly in love with places I have never been (yet), obsessed with history and geneology, and easily distracted by puppies and french bakeries. 

my favorite things:


places i've been

The Alps, Thailand, Ireland, Lake Como, Charleston, Savannah and ... I could go on and on. Yet, the neighboring Blue Ridge Mountains will always have my heart. 


guilty pleasure

Trying new restaurants, especially locally owned, dive bars and hidden gems. Watching The Last Kingdom. And a slice of delicious cake at every wedding. 



Spending cool mornings on my porch, sipping coffee as the the sun rises, with my sweet dog by my side. Only surpassed (slightly) by waking up at daybreak in a new city, ready to explore.



I dream about the carbonara in Bellagio, Italy and Hawai'ian spicy tuna poke, and fruit stand pineapple so fresh it will burn your lips. (Cocktail hour? Whiskey Sour, please)



My husband, Chris. As sarcastic as he is handsome, he's my favorite. And of course, Miss Keegan the pup, and Samson J. Boo-Kittens, Esq., the cat. Both of whom think they are head of the household. Lets face it, they are.


part of my job

The diverse people I have the privilege to meet along the way. Secondly, that moment when you refer to each other as husband or wife for the first time. Oh, and all the unique details, characteristic to the couple's personal style. 

about you

My clients are lovers of travel, classy but like to party, pays attention to detail, with a style all there own.

It's important to me that the clients I work with trusting, excited, and value photography. Trusting of my years of experience, eye for detail and anticipation of moments. Excited for their wedding celebration and marriage. Highly value excellent service and quality images.  

Does this sound like you? Inquire with me.




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