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Hello there! I’m Sarah.

I have a huge crush on photography. HUGE. It makes me happy to document all the little things in life. I’ve discovered that photos I’ve taken of places I’ve been mean so much more to me over time and I was glad that I captured casual memories because photography isn’t just for special occasions. I find interest in the mundane because life has so many details. One day my business with be  as big as my passion. I am a SKYDIVER! Yes, that’s right…I jump out of perfectly good airplanes and live to tell the tale! well, so far…What can I say, I want to make a career out of traveling the world, being an adventurer & photographing it all.

I’m a ballroom dancer in training – morning person -2 time College graduate-my camera is a permanent fixture to my hand-I can be happy sitting around with family & friends doing absolutely nothing or going out I enjoy concerts and live bands-I am a farm girl by nature but I am in love with the city life when it suits me. My heart is really in the islands though. My background is psychology & sociology; I am self-taught in photography. I am a DIY kinda girl, I like to figure things out on my own and if I can’t I’m not too proud to ask for help. I don’t like talking on the phone & I suck at texting – I would rather communicate face to face. I work best under pressure and deadlines. I like to collect vintage items and pieces from my travels. I love history & geneology. I want an art studio in my home. I can’t go a morning without coffee. I swear-sometimes profusely-like when I stump my toe. I love cupcakes and I love salsa, but not together. I love toddlers. I enjoy a handmade thank you note. I like to get my hands dirty and dig for worms with kids. Life is too short not to.

During my life time, I will rock climb, bungee jump, swim with the sharks, climb Mt. Kilaminjaro, sing with a rock band, ride a bull, have a motorcycle license & drive real fast, cliff dive, fly an airplane, travel to all continents, scuba dive in Australia, & take an African Safari. I will meditate with monks in a monastery, read the Bible from beginning to end, deliver food and medical supplies to villages in war-torn countries, I will pray at the foothills of the Holy Land. I am a spiritual being and I have discovered that it is okay to not know who you are, what you’ll be or what you’ll do in the future. It’s okay to just live in the moment and be at peace within myself. I will live a life that I can be proud of.


Eric Finch - Sarah and Ashley,

Your blog is a great resource for those planing weddings in the Roanoke area.

The Roanoker Magazine has a web page with reviews of many of the restaurants in our area, as well as menu information that your visitors may find helpful in planning for bridal showers, rehersal dinners, or for the bride and groom’s out of town guests. I wonder if you’d be willing to add a link for your website users?

Best Regards,

Eric Finch
The Roanoker Magazine

Sarah - Hi 🙂 I was wondering what your prices were for a wedding? Also, do you offer any military discounts?

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